Eonsmoke Electronic Cigarettes Reaches 15,000 Retail Locations in USA

New E-Cigarette Store Takes the Smoke Out of Smoking

“Eonsmoke is being introduced by distributors both internal and independent to retailers every single day and our unique rechargeable brand continues to take market share,” says Mr. Tolmach. About Eonsmoke, LLC. Eonsmoke, LLC designs, markets, and distributes electronic cigarettes & accessories. The company’s trademarked electric cigarettes are electronic devices that vaporize a liquid solution. The company offers its products, e-cigarettes & accessories under the Eonsmoke, Spirit Vapor, and Miami Cigs brand names.
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E-cigarettes: the new fracking

Food and Drug Administration is considering classifying the devices as tobacco products, a move that could result in a significant tax burden on people using them, he said. If FDA action made the devices subject to the state’s tobacco tax, it could make the e-cigarette equivalent of a pack of cigarettes taxed at $8.50 to $9, Jackson said. “What we don’t want to do is put a higher tax on a less-harmful product,” he said. Jackson said his brother has used an e-cigarette to gradually reduce his nicotine dependency. He hasn’t used a cigarette in three or four months, Jackson said. “I have seen first-hand how they can help,” he said.
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Straight out of Fracking 101, Parker, who does donate heavily to cancer-fighting causes, claimed to the Wall Street Journal, Theres a huge opportunity to transition the entire world away from dangerous, carcinogenic, combusting cigarettes. But the marketing is hardly altruistic, from cartoons where the smoker gets the buxom gal, to ads where e-cigarette smokers puff away to rock music, to the flavoring of many of the e-cigarettes. The FDA has banned fruit flavors from tobacco cigarettes that attracted underage smokers, but the e-cigarette world is full of flavors such as Chocolate Thunder, Peach Schnapps, Cherry Crush, and Tahitian Punch. One company markets Butter Rum and Cinnamon Apple Crumble flavorings by saying, respectively, Go back to childhood, and, Remember moms homemade apple pie? Can these sweet-tooth evocations really be for middle-age smokers who want to quit? In the world of fossil energy, we have decided to frack now, and ask questions later. In the world of smoking, e-cigarette makers are flooding the market before any questions can be asked. They want us to believe that since nothing is as bad as real cigarettes, e-cigarettes are inherently good.
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.bostonglobe.com/opinion/columns/2013/07/13/cigarettes-new-fracking/e2rSt4qaPg6Ns6bWCyedUI/story.html

E-cigarette regulation and taxes once again on the front burner at the Capitol

Ive flown all over the world and used electronic cigarettes, Horne said. But while Horne says he gets more questions than freak-outs, government officials at the state level are not so complacently curious.State Senator Ellen Corbett introduced legislation this year which would treat e-cigarettes like regular ones, banning them from clubs, restaurants, bars, public buildings and any enclosed workplace. “These are cigarettes,” Corbett told the Sacramento Bee . “They might be fancy, high-tech cigarettes, but they’re still cigarettes.” But opponents of the bill, including the Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association (CASAA), the California Association of Alcohol/Drug Educators and thousands of e-smokers across the state, disagree. The Bee reported that over 150 of them filled the hallways of the Capitol building, e-smoking in protest. Corbett claims that passersbys coughed and choked on their byproduct.
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://capitola.patch.com/groups/around-capitola/p/new-ecigarette-store-takes-the-smoke-out-of-smoking


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