Booming E-cigarette industry raises questions on safety, regulation

Can PH regulate its e-cigarette industry?

Hover over YES and NO to see FDA regulatory considerations

I don’t know if this is non toxic,'” Schachter told Glor. The Food and Drug Administration does not currently regulate e-cigarettes, therefore manufactures are not mandated to disclose the ingredients. Most major brands boast a similar list of ingredients: Nictone, water, artificial flavoring, glycerol, and propylene glycol, the ingredient that creates the exhaled imitation smoke. The FDA has consistently promised to propose regulatory guidelines for e-cigarettes and while the organiation declined to speak to CBS News on camera, they issues this statement: “Further research is needed to assess the potential public health benefits and risks of electronic cigarettes and other novel tobacco products.” The research could take years according to Erika Sward, of the American Lung Association “We are very concerned that there is literally no federal oversight of these products.
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The E-Cigarette Page Reports Continued Popularity of Electronic Cigarettes

Filipinos have started creating ENDs or e-cigarettes from everyday household materials, such as flashlights and empty gum containers. Since e-juice content is mostly food additives coming from bakery supplies, some mix their own e-juices. These DIY e-cigarettes would be nearly impossible to regulate, said Dr Hartigan-Go. (4) Lack of scientific consensus “How will you regulate something you know nothing of in terms of its safety profile?” asked Hartigan-Go. There is currently a lack of scientific consensus globally with studies contradicting each other and scientists rebutting each others claims regarding the safety, benefits and harms of e-cigarettes. The “Efficiency and Safety of an Electronic Cigarette as Tobacco Cigarettes Substitute” or ECLAT concluded after a 12-month study of a group of smokers made to use the device that, e-cigerattes helped reduce tobacco use.
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E-cigarette, shisha ban eyed

Officials from the E-Cigarette Page have now said that they continue to grow in popularity despite the backlash from traditional tobacco companies. The E-Cigarette Page is a one stop resource for fans of these electronic cigarettes, providing news, blogs, e-cigarette reviews , and purchasing access for those who want to learn more about various brands or wish to find the best e-cigarette for their needs. The company said that more and more people are benefiting from the use of these e-cigarettes, with some turning to the devices as an alternative to traditional smoking rather than in addition to it. An official from the E-Cigarette Page said: “We have continued to see a marked increase in the popularity of these e-cigarettes, which has been further boosted by the ever increasing range of high quality devices available from a number of manufacturers.
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“The committee will also verify claims that e-cigarettes may help smokers to quit the habit,” he said. Noor Hisham said the ministry would then decide based on the scientific report on whether to ban or regulate the sale and use of the two products. “Meanwhile, we welcome the fatwa [suggestion by religious authorities] issued by the Malaysian Islamic Development Department [Jakim] to ban shisha, which is in tandem with the ministry’s initiative on tobacco control,” he said. The Consumers Association of Penang has reportedly urged the ministry to ban the sale of e-cigarettes to prevent youths from getting hooked, as there was no age limit on the sale of the product. The fatwa committee of the National Council for Islamic Affairs declared smoking shisha as forbidden for Muslims.
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